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Welcome to Deep in the Meadow, a literate semi-AU Warrior cats roleplay site with a 200 word minimum. DitM features a sandbox play style, a stat system for character development, staff-run NPC accounts for events and encounters, and an overarching political landscape to help structure characters and interactions. Territories are refreshed, but will remain familiar to Warriors RPers. Play as a member of the four Clans or as a Clanless cat - and enjoy!


UPDATES - 02/28/17 OTM nominations are up here! Both WindClan and RiverClan have clan meetings going on so be sure to jump in on those for easy points if you have not already. Our next site gathering should be beginning any day yet (I'll announce when it's up), and we should have a new skin and a season change in the coming weeks as well as (probably) an activity check. For now our Create a Territory contest has wrapped up and each clan (as well as neutral and contested) all have some new territories to enjoy! ThunderClan is our second clan to hit their territory capacity, and should no action be taken soon to rectify that starvation and illness notifications will be sent out! (Note: this will only last as long as our leaf-bare season does).

UPDATES - 02/21/17 Our create a territory (linked below) ends tomorrow so if you would like to make a last-minute entry do so soon! We've gotten quite the influx of half-clan and no-clan to clan cats made and I'd like to remind users that staff (and possibly clan leaders depending on age) need to be asked. Since we've gotten so many recently we will likely be turning them away for a bit. It's also come to my attention that many users are having trouble with our alert system, and more often than not it's because users are copy/pasting their templates (including tags). When tags have the [user] tags around them it doesn't alert the person you are trying to tag. You must remove those or type a new tag each time. If you aren't getting alerts let your RP partner know they need to remove the [user] tags!

UPDATES - 02/10/17 We have a small contest up here. Be sure to take a look! It ends Feb. 22nd unless users need more time.

UPDATES - 01/31/17 The activity check is done and the site has been aged. Be sure to check to see if your cats have moved up in the stat bracket or to see if their mentors/apprentices have been changed. If you were deleted or moved into our inactive member group please feel free to rejoin or request a staff member move your accounts back. You will have to PM a staff with links to your bios and IC threads (include the location where they need to go). Otherwise accounts currently in our inactive group will remain there for two weeks before being deleted.

UPDATES - 01/21/17 Activity check up here! It ends in 10 days and only requires one post (that should be your high rank's post if you have one, two posts if you have two ranks). As always, speak with staff or post an away if necessary. Site will be aged after this AC!

UPDATES - 01/19/17 Hey guys, Cheshire here! I'd like to thank everyone that came forward with an audition for ShadowClan medicine cat apprentice. The turn-out was a lot better than I expected it to be. Without further ado, I'd like to congratulate Monument and Sedgepaw! If those who didn't get the position aren't interested in finishing their bios, please let me know and I'll archive it.

UPDATES - 01/15/17 Thursday, January 19th is the official deadline for ShadowClan medicine cat apprentice! If you're interested in the position, please submit your auditions to Cheshire before then! The deadline can be extended if anyone needs more time, just let Cheshire know.

UPDATES - 01/14/17 Results for our first writing challenge are up! Congrats to the winners and thank you to all those who participated! I've updated it in our weather blurb, but all waterways currently are covered in ice. In light of this RiverClan is our first clan to reach a territory occupancy cap. To avoid starvation, an increase in illness, and even death RiverClan must claim more territory. To help them in this RiverClan can now have two claim threads going at once (ShadowClan of course can freely challenge this), or they might consider taking territory from their other neighbor ;)

UPDATES - 01/10/17 An event has just started in WindClan camp! Check it out, and if you have a WindClan cat, make sure to get involved and protect your camp from the dog pack! ShadowClan MCA is still open and could use some love. If you're interested, please consider filling out an audition and sending it to Cheshire. Also, our new OTM's are up! Congrats to the winners!

UPDATES - 01/06/17 A big thank you to all those who auditioned for RiverClan deputy, and a congrats to Mercy & Icehawk on getting the position! ShadowClan MCA is still open, and we have a challenge still currently going on here! Those accounts that were in the inactive member group after the activity check have now been deleted; if you were deleted and would like to rejoin, feel free at any time!

UPDATES - 01/01/17 Happy new year, DitM! Here's hoping everyone has a good 2017! Cheshire has decided to open auditions for ShadowClan medicine cat apprentice, so if you're interested in the position please PM her with a fully filled out audition. Additionally, check out our new challenges feature here! Win points and other prizes!

UPDATES - 12/30/16 OTM Nominations are up here, but will soon be taken down for voting! If you haven't nominated yet and would like to please do so asap! A deadline for RiverClan deputy has been set for Thursday January 5th.

UPDATES - 12/26/16 OTM Nominations are up here. Please turn out and nominate your faves from this month! Also, reminder that RC deputy is open for auditions - check out the link below. Lastly, if you celebrate Christmas, we hope you had a great day yesterday! If you don't, we hope your winter holidays are just as happy!

UPDATES - 12/21/16 Congrats to Madelin and Piedheart on ThunderClan deputy and thank you to all those who auditioned! RiverClan deputy is open for audition beginning today. If you are interested please check out the high rank info thread. Lastly a new default skin is up as we have officially moved into the Leaf-Bare (winter) season. I might still make some tweaks to it, but I plan on keeping the last skin (orchid gloaming) updated as well so if that one is easier on your eyes feel free to continue to use it.

UPDATES - 12/20/16 The activity check has been completed and all cats have been aged! Those with accepted characters were moved to the inactive member group where they will stay for 2 weeks or until they return and ask for their stuff back; those without accepted cats were deleted. If you were deleted and would like to rejoin, feel free! All cats were aged as well, so check and see if your cats are eligible for more stats! This is also a good time to update your bios with accurate stat counts and any new life events.

UPDATES - 12/18/16 Congrats to Lichenpaw and Sandfire on being chosen for WindClan medicine cat apprentice!

UPDATES - 12/17/16 WindClan medicine cat apprentice is now closed! Currently only TC deputy remains open with a deadline set for the 21st.

UPDATES - 12/16/16 A deadline for ThunderClan deputy is set for Wednesday the 21st. If you would like to audition please get your auditions in by then! WindClan's medicine cat apprentice is still open and interested parties should PM Buzz. ThunderClan's medicine cat apprentice has been picked so please extend a congrats to Yazsh and Hailpaw! December's activity check wraps up in just a few days so be sure to post in that, contact staff, or get up an away by the deadline! We'll likely begin site clean up in the late morning on the 20th.

UPDATES - 12/12/16 We have an activity check going on here! It goes until the 20th so please be sure to post in it, put up an away, or speak to staff. Reminder that WindClan and ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice are both open; if you are interested shoot a PM to Buzz and Hawk respectively. ThunderClan deputy is still open and we'd really love to get it filled so please consider auditioning! Check out the details on our high rank thread here! Both SkyClan leader/and medicine cat have received their dreams from StarClan so look for the SkyClan plot beginning to take off :)

UPDATES - 11/28/16 For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, staff hopes you had a great time! We have a new event going on as we descend into colder weather -- some of you will have received illness alerts! For now, the Clans are still only experiencing whitecough, and the cases are fairly isolated, except in WindClan, where three have cropped up. However, whitecough is hard to control, and despite medicine cats' best efforts, some or all Clans may experience outbreaks of whitecough or the more serious greencough. Stay warm out there and make sure to go to the medicine cat if you get an alert that you're not feeling so hot! Clanless cats who are ill can find a Clan medicine cat or go to see Fleur, who has some experience with healing, though they may find that ShadowClan doesn't appreciate them trespassing!

Additionally, we have some open high positions that we need auditions for! ThunderClan deputy needs some love, and both WindClan and ThunderClan are looking for medicine cat apprentices! Deputies should audition as usual; MCAs can PM the medicine cat with some ideas.

UPDATES - 11/18/16 Thank you for your patience everyone, and of course a big thank you for all those who auditioned for our SkyClan high ranks! SkyClan's leader will be Buzz & North! SkyClan's medicine cat will be Chicoryfrost & Mink! Congrats! Please keep in mind these ranks are conditional as SkyClan has to fight to earn their spot among the other clans, and if they fail there will be no ranks. ThunderClan deputy, WindClan MCA, and ThunderClan MCA are all still open. For those of you who got SkC high ranks a StarClan dream will be coming your way!

UPDATES - 11/11/16 Officially setting a deadline for both SkC leader and medicine cat. Auditions should be in no later than Friday Nov. 18th. Staff may not announce it right away (depending on how far along the gathering is or isn't), but we'd like to have them all in so we can discuss it :) If you are interested in auditioning please do so before then. TC deputy is still open as is WC and TC medicine cat apprentice.

UPDATES - 11/09/16 A deadline for SkC leader will likely be set in the coming days so if you are interested in applying for the position please make yourself known and get your audition in ASAP. ThunderClan is looking for some love and has open auditions for deputy and medicine cat apprentice. WindClan is open for medicine cat apprentice as well. See posts below for details on how to apply for an mca position! The gathering is now underway with SC, TC, and WC all in (RC will be joining shortly!).
























WEATHER: Leaf-Bare

Temperatures in the low teens (F). Ice has formed over the water ways; snow predicted. Prey is innactive.

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